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Returns to Oz Project

Original rock score that accompanies the classic film, much like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Rainbow

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with host & star of the film, Fairuza Balk
Featuring artwork by celebrated artists. Most recently screened at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin as a benefit for HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) featuring live performances by: Suzanna Choffel, Lex Land, Jazz Mills, Chase Frank, Stephanie Macias, Jess Williamson and Eliza herself.

““The Mona Lisa of our time.” -Robert Menken, SL Theatre Alliance

“The moods of the songs fit perfectly, and… do a fantastic job of enhancing (the movie)… all I can do is recommend you try it. Apart from the visual, the music definitely holds on it’s own. I highly recommend giving in a watch or listen!” -Gregg, Linescratchers

“Eliza’s Return to Oz album is chock full of hit after hit, masterpiece after masterpiece – I cannot believe all of these songs are on one album!” -Leana McDuff, M is for Music

“All the painstaking work she put into the writing process pays off big time… (the film’s) stunning visual and scant dialogue provide the perfect backdrop for Wren’s imaginative compositions.” -Jenny Poplar, City Weekly
“Mind-blowing” -Adrian Gray, Green Music Press
Pink Floyd Online: all things Floyd Synchronicities: featuring: EW’s Return to Oz
“Eliza’s live musical performance at Sundance was unbelievable – two hours of impeccable vocals & indisputable energy & spirit.” – B.V. Lawrence, Music Plus

Interview with Blair Frodelius of The Daily Ozmapolitan

“By far the most impressive live show I’ve seen this year!” -Joseph Weisenthal, Thespian Seperatists Prod.- Alamo Drafthouse – Austin
“while some of (the songs) beautifully channel the spaced-out Floyd approach (“Like a Train”, “Music Box”). the overall feel of the album is impossible to categorize, simply because there is so much ground covered. The vocals are enchanting, the songs are intricately crafted, and the whole thing is monumental. You’ve go to hear it to fully understand it.” -Brad, CD Baby

“I assure (Balk) that she’ll enjoy the new songs and will be surprised just how well “Return to Oz” hold up after all of these years.”

– Ryan Michael Painter, IN Magazine

“Wren, who bears a musical resemblance to 16 Horsepower’s David Eugene Edwards, has composed 30 haunted lullabies that quiver in her hallicrafted voice, along with her quartet’s complement of banjo and mandolin. “Time Warp” times 10.” -Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle


Interview with Turn Me On Dead Man .com

Page Credits: Green Oz & HAAM poster design: Niles Giberson. Photography: Sundance Show: Chris Blackburn; Alamo Drafthouse Show: Jon Johnson. Sundance Moose Art: Mandy Dominici. Alamo Drafthouse Performers: left to right: Jess Williamson, Jazz Mills, Stephanie Macias, Eliza Wren, Lex Land, Suzanna Choffel, Chase Frank.

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